Popular Tech Myths that We Stop Believing

It is surprising how many technology myths people throughout the world choose to believe. Here is a list of the common tech myths that you should stop believing.

1. Leaving your Cell-Phone Plugged in all Night can Spoil your Battery

Regardless of how long you charge your phone, its battery’s days are numbered. Your smartphone is “smart” enough to prevent itself from overcharging.

2. Picture Quality is Better on Cameras with More Megapixels

The number of megapixels in a camera is not as important as the quality of those pixels. Larger, rather than more numerous pixels take better pictures because it is easier for light to pass through them, giving a better photo output.

3. For Better Performance, You Need to Shut Down your Computer at Night

It is unnecessary. Unlike the computers of old, today’s computers do not need to shut down regularly. If you use your computer often, it is okay to let it go into sleep mode and restart it occasionally to cleanse its memory and refresh it.

4. Airport X-Ryas can Damage Files on our Devices

This is a common myth that is far from true. Although X-rays are a form of electromagnetic energy, they cannot affect the flash memory cards and hard drives of smartphones and laptops.

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