Secret Gmail Service: Google Unleashes Vanishing Gmail

Have you ever heard of Vanishing Gmail? It is one of Gmail’s new tools to improve privacy and cybersecurity for its users. It is currently available for use by personal accounts and will be made open for corporate accounts eventually.

This tool allows the sender of an email to set an expiry date for the email ranging from 24 hours to five years. A lock icon located at the base of new emails allows the user to activate the Gmail confidential mode. Once messages are marked confidential, they cannot be transmitted or reproduced. There is also the option to set passwords to access those messages.

This exciting super-secret email service comes with a few limitations. Although the email will auto-delete in the receivers’ inbox, it will stay in your sent folder until you manually delete it.

Another thing to bear in mind is that screenshots of the messages can be taken before their expiry date. Also, the length of time these messages remain on the google server is unknown, making them susceptible to hack.

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