Biophilic Design: Bringing the Natural World to Indoor Spaces

Does the arrangement of your home impact your creativity or make you feel more at peace? It apparently can.  Biophilia speaks of interaction between man and nature, leading us to believe that the infusion of the natural with your indoor decor could do wonders for the aura of your home.

While plants are the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of nature, there are many other ways to infuse the natural essence into your indoor environment.

Psychologist Judith Heerwagen came up with the notion of a biophilic habitat in the 1900s to better living conditions and relations for animals in the zoo. In recent times, home and officers have been employing the principles of biophilia in their designs. Heerwagen also writes that to do this effectively, the designers would have to adopt the thought that the building is a habitat, albeit for a more evolved species, with needs for nature’s primary amenities: sunlight, flowers, plants, etc.

Research in the North-western University neuroscience lab in 2013 shows that those who worked in naturally lit rooms were in a better mood and slept better. Another study done in Korea in 2015 showed that people were more relaxed after handling or encountering plants.

Are you stressed or exhausted? Let nature refresh you.

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