The Future of Wind Turbines

It may be safe to say that Wind turbines are here to stay. Wind energy has become one of the most notable sources of renewable energy. It seems to be the only natural energy source that holds a candle to fossil fuel power plants.

The use of this cheap, clean, and safe energy source is increasing exponentially in different regions of the world and has been predicted to advance rapidly in the coming years.

Those against the use of wind energy maintain that wind turbines disfigure the beauty of nature and pose a danger to some wildlife species. Some people have also been unreasonably afraid that wind turbines will be everywhere in the coming years.

Of course, this may not be the case for naturally windy areas like the Great Plains, which have been dubbed the Saudi Arabia of wind power. Despite the criticism, it is evident that the local community is embracing the use of wind turbines to power their homes and farms.

Already, there is an almost complete acceptance of wind energy by some states, like Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas. In fact, 20% of Iowa’s electricity comes from wind turbines. So, it is not surprising to see mass production of the turbines in the near future.

The future of turbines includes pleasant designs for smaller and home adaptable versions for cleaner, cheaper, and safer power. So, although turbines will be everywhere in the future, they may be a welcome change.

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